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A journalist observes life in the far north.

Wind, wind, go away

Three blankets plus a sleeping bag kept us warm last night during a wind storm. I woke up frequently as gusts beat on the house. Sounds like it’s windy in town too. KUAC public radio broadcasted that there is a wind advisory in the Interior. It’s 15-below both at our house and in town. Apparently, we ran out of heating oil in the night, but I stayed warm. And Alec managed to get the house warm before I woke up. He says he stole some diesel. I am assuming that he went to our neighbor Kathy’s house down the road. She wouldn’t mind if Alec took her diesel. But just in case he went on a caper, I am not asking any questions.

We have a babysitter tonight so that we can go out on a date. Plans are to go to the ice park and then dinner, or maybe vice versa. I guess I had better dress warm. Earlier in the week, I had thought about wearing a sexy dress and high heals. I don’t know if that’s wise at 15-below, especially if we are going to be outside looking at ice sculptures.

An odd thing happened at work last week. The new guy, Adam, quit after a day and a half. He left at noon on Thursday. I wasn’t there. The stories around the newsroom are either that he was overwhelmed or underwhelmed. Too bad. Now the desk on the other side of mine will remain empty. I am glad I was off on Thursday, otherwise everyone would have been saying, “What did you do to the new guy?” He’s psychology grad student, so my theory is that he took the job to do research, and he left after he got what he needed.


Lucky trying to decide whether to put the butterfly in her mouth or the plastic triangle.

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