Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

Date night

The sun is shining earlier and earlier in the morning, a nice reminder that we are on our way to summer. One of my favorite things about summer is growing vegetables. I grow strawberries too, but last summer the critters ate them all. I need to figure out how to keep the critters out of my strawberry patch if we are to have strawberries this summer. Before I knew that it was the critters, I accused Alec of sneaking outside and eating them.

Alec and I had fun on our date. We ate at The Turtle Club, the premier prime rib restaurant in Fairbanks. I felt like a unabashed carnivore when the waitress placed my plate of meat on the table. I got the Miner’s Cut, which—I am not lying—is bigger than my size nine and a half shoe. Alec had the Foxy Cut, a bit smaller. I read somewhere that a healthy portion of meat is no larger than a deck of cards, so I cut a piece that looked the size of a deck of cards, ate it and brought the rest home in a doggy bag. I swear the waitress kept looking at my plate as she walked by to see how much I would eat. I suspect that she thought I was a pig because I ordered a larger cut than my man. Actually, I was tempted to eat the whole thing just to appall her.

Then we went to the Ice Park. Because Alec was a sculptor in the single block ice carving competition, we were let in through the back gate and got to park practically on top of the ice sculptures. We also didn’t have to pay to get in. I felt like a VIP. The next day, we took Lucky to the Ice Park. She is too young to appreciate it, although she seemed to like watching the huge fork lifts move ice. The multi-block ice carving competition had just started when we were there.


This is one of the sculptures that won in the single-block competition. Junichi, the carver, is the rock star of all ice carvers. iceman.jpg

Here is Alec with the sculpture that he worked on, a surfer dude. alecsteve.jpg

Alec and Stevie Dean, the artist, and Alec’s sculpting partner. Dean was bummed out Saturday night that they didn’t place, but renewed Sunday morning when the multi-block competition started. Dean and some others are doing a diving scene. babyice.jpg

Here is our girl lying on some ice. She looks thrilled, huh?


Al having some fun.


The happy couple on their date.


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