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I call b-s on the Juneau press corps

I recall a few months ago seeing Gov. Sarah Palin, who recently announced that she is due to give birth in two months, on tv and thinking that she looked like she’d gained a few pounds. I remember wondering whether she was stress eating. But how did the Juneau press corps miss the pregnancy? Don’t they see the governor on a routine basis? Journalists down there say the pregnancy is a bombshell. I am wondering if they are blind. I mean, what other stories is the Juneau press corps missing?

I liked Palin’s comments about giving birth to her last child on a Monday and going to work on a Tuesday. I gave birth in October. I suppose that I could have worked the next day, but not a full eight or 10 hours. Let’s hope the First Dude is helpful when the new baby comes. Am I the only one in Alaska who thinks the expression First Dude makes us sound like a bunch of Beavises and Butt-heads?


One comment on “I call b-s on the Juneau press corps

  1. g
    March 8, 2008

    WOO-HOO!!! i can comment!!! i was thinking there’d be a way, but until i clicked the “no comments” i just wasn’t so sure. so what you are saying is people seriously refer to the gov’s husband as “first dude” ???


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