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His heart gave out

Lightning died today on the operating table of a heart attack. Poor boy. Part of me is glad he’s gone because he isn’t suffering anymore. His bladder was apparently punctured, and the doctor had to go in because he was peeing on his insides. But it was only 36 hours since the last time he had had surgery, and there’s only so much trauma a beast can take.

Alec is more stunned, I think, than he expected. He said he knew in his mind that the call could come, but he had a hard timing believing when it actually did.

Of our household, animals and people included, Lightning asked the least of me and I will miss him for that. The only time he ever bugged was when he smelled me cooking something up in the kitchen.

Awhile back, Lightning was sitting beside me and I let him lick my face. He nibbled my nose. It hurt like hell, and I yelled at him. Alec said that that was his way of showing love.

Lightning had a lazy side. He loved going to work with Alec early in the morning, but sometimes he insisted on sleeping in. He’d regret it later, because once I prepared to leave the house, he stood by my car, wanting to go with me.

It will definitely be strange on the weekends when Alec is cleaning the garage. Usually he lectures Lightning about peeing on his stuff, making threats that would never come true, as he pours bleach on the floor and mops. “I’m going to beat you to an inch of your life, boy.” It’s pretty comical listening from upstairs, especially since just a few hours before Alec would have probably been holding Lightning in his arms, cradling him like a baby.

The picture below shows Lightning with his mate, Rose.
We also have a puppy, Ruby, from a litter between them. Those two are in a love-hate relationship. They are mean parents too. Rose and Lightning have probably lit each other up at least three or four times this winter. You can tell who wins the fights too. One is usually more messed up than the other, bleeding from the ears and the legs. Soar. Tired. Rose got Lightning pretty good shortly after he had had some teeth removed. He was so beat up that Alec thought they tangled with a third dog that had wandered into the yard. I saw the fight in which Lightning got her back. She cowered beneath him and tried to get away as he just shredded her. After he was hit by the truck and I was putting him in my car, his blood soaking my pants, Rose had the nerve to growl at him.

I wonder how the dog dynamic in the house is going to change. We are left with three females, Rose, Ruby and my old dog, Monique.


3 comments on “His heart gave out

  1. James P. Karst
    March 11, 2008

    This is heartbreaking. Sincerest condolences.

  2. Helena
    March 12, 2008

    I truly feel for you & Alec.

    My dog, Homer, is having trouble with one of her hind legs. She’s over 14 years old now, and I know soon I’m going to have to make a painful decision to put her down. It’ll break my heart.

    Losing a beloved pet isn’t easy on anyone.

    Lightning’s in doggie heaven now. Bark on, boy!

  3. Amber
    March 17, 2008

    I’m sorry to hear this 😦 We love our dogs, thats for sure. No matter what kind of crap they pull. The hardest part for me was feeling like Whiskey went away from me and I could have spent more time with him, should have spent more time with him, should have let him sleep in the bed one last time. It’s not fair, how it comes out of the blue…& it sucks.

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