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Cake, klatch, climb

facial.jpgThe coffee cake was good except the morsels didn’t stick together. I made it for my Monday quilting klatch with my friends Jennifer (seen here) and Judy. Very little quilting gets done on these Monday afternoon gatherings. A better name would be talking klatch or klatch klatch or maybe I should just call it a Monday klatch. I have only about 50 quilting squares cut, and we’ve been meeting pretty much all winter. One of the best things about it is that my friends are not shy about helping with the baby. If someone smells poop, they just change Lucky’s diaper. Yesterday, Jennifer’s sister, Jessica, rocked Lucky to sleep.

Jennifer decided that we would do facials this week. I hate putting a lot of gunk on my face but I went along. It wound up being a sales pitch from her Jennifer’s aunt, who sells Usana products. I could have bought the “Essentials System,” which is a face wash, exfoliant, toner, mask, moisturizer and eye cream for a mere $100. Who has time to rub all of that gunk on their face everyday?

No news on the climb. Alec is starting to come to terms with going next year. I don’t look forward to Everest running my life for another year. Alec said he wants me to go with next year, if the climb is pushed back. I have to admit, it would be fun to trek to Base Camp or a little higher.

It’s 4 below today. Hints of summer are gone for now.

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