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No climb

Alec is surprisingly nonplussed about his Everest expedition being cancelled. I think I am more sad. I had looked forward to living like a Bohemian for two months on his dad’s property. Now life will go on as it has. At least summer is coming, except you wouldn’t know it by the weather lately, hovering at zero degrees.

We had company for dinner the other night, including two children, Hannah and Josiah, ages 2 and 3. They helped me make cookies. Lucky is endlessly fascinated by other children, watching their every move. kidseat.jpg

This week at work I am writing about wood heat. There is more interest here in wood heat as home heating oil prices keep rising. The price yesterday was between $3.60 and $3.70 a gallon. If I still lived on my own, I don’t know how I would afford that. I’d probably have had to rent a room in my house. As it is, I am worried about paying the bills at the rental. I make a terrible landlord. I should raise the rents, but I can’t because I’d feel guilty.


One comment on “No climb

  1. asteinfort
    March 25, 2008

    I read some of the comments on the newsminer about the cost of fuel oil. Sounds bad 😦 It really wasn’t that long ago that I paid just under a dollar a gallon. Less than 10 years. I don’t know how I wouldn’t be able to heat my mom’s old place at those prices. That place alreay went thru close to 1000 gallons a season and now the price is triple. I do ok down here. Natural gas is the primary heat here and once I replaced all my upstairs windows it was ok. Also, it doesn’t get so damn cold 🙂 Sounds like Fairbanks hasn’t done much to expand natural gas as a utility?

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