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The Bottle Washing Fairy cometh

edith.jpgAlec’s mom arrived yesterday and is making herself at home in her cozy little cabin in the woods. My father arrives tonight. No, Alec and are not having a wedding. Edith’s trip has been planned for a year. My dad decided on Thursday, while sitting on his stool at the corner bar he favors near Milwaukee, Wis., that he would make his way here to lay eyes on his nearly 6-month-old granddaughter. Dad has been here once before, when I “graduated” from college. His only question was how far away do we live from a bar. I hope he likes Ivory Jacks, which is about 15 miles from our house.

Jade and I met Edith, known as the Bottle Washing Fairy because she made sure that I didn’t have to wash a bottle until Jade was two weeks old, at the airport. I was touched when Edith’s eyes welled up and she had to catch her breath after seeing Jade for the first time in five months. My daughter is loved.

Dad arrives at 10:07 p.m. tonight. He said he’s coming because he is running out of money and he wanted to make this trip before he is broke. I hope he’s not serious. Alec feels we don’t have a proper bed for dad to sleep on, so my mission today is to find a futon or a bed.


Gramma feeds the baby and gazes at her son.


Alec working his booth at the Home Show.


Oatmeal cookies that I baked last night. I was interrupted by motherhood, so I had to finish the baking today.


One comment on “The Bottle Washing Fairy cometh

  1. Marge
    March 31, 2008

    Those cookies and that granite; what a match. I was just at a bar in Milwaukee a few weeks ago. I wonder if I saw your dad and didn’t know it?

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