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Dad’s last day

Turns out my beer-drinking, Harley-riding father is a pussycat as a house guest. He eats everything I put in front of him, doesn’t make a mess and he’s good company. He’s low maintenance too, content to hang out around the house and play with Lucky. It’s been nice having dad around. Alec leaves for work in the morning before me, so I don’t have anyone to see me off. Dad saw me off with a kiss and a hug every day. He checked Map Quest to see how far it is between Fairbanks and Milwaukee. He might ride his motorcycle here this summer. It’s twice as far to ride here than to Palm Beach, Fla., were dad has rode before, he said.

Alec has signed onto an expedition to climb Denali in May, so I will get my month of Bohemian life at the cabin on Don’s property after all. I plan to post updates on this blog of the climb. Let’s hope Alec gets to the top this time. He’s climbing with one of the same guides as last year and another returning climber.

Click here to check out my story today about the new country western radio station in town. I had a lot of fun with that story, driving my editors crazy by playing country music in the newsroom on Friday.

Dad playing with Lucky.

Dad playing with Lucky.

Lucky insisting on feeding herself.

Granpa Don in heaven as Lucky sleeps on his belly.


One comment on “Dad’s last day

  1. Margo
    April 8, 2008

    I love the County music station story. It’s called CHET! How retro country is that? I can only imagine the songs belting from your computer in the newsroom. How fun.

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