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Dad’s gone

I woke up Monday morning thinking, “I wonder if dad is up yet.” Then I remembered that he had left the night before, and my chipper mood darkened. I miss having him around. He’s a chatterbox like me. Or, I should say, I am a chatterbox like him. I consoled myself by getting a pedicure and blowing $40 at Value Village. Orange tags were $1. I bought five sweaters, six children’s books, a super cool belt buckle, a coat, two T-shirts, a skirt, a polar fleece body cover for the baby and some quilting magazines. I am determined to make a quilt. If I do nothing else this year, I want to lose 20 pounds and make a quilt.

My brother, Greg, arrives on April 23 and he will be here for my birthday, so I have that to look forward to. Alec and I plan to take Greg snowmachining in the mountains. My brother is the coolest grocery delivery guy around. He travels the world on a giant ship taking groceries to American soldiers. Or so he says. Sometimes I wonder if he is delivering something Top Secret and groceries is just the cover story. I mean, wouldn’t you think that groceries would be flown overseas? At any rate, I have post cards from just about every country in the Mediterranean.

Gramma and a sleeping Lucky.


One comment on “Dad’s gone

  1. Amber
    April 15, 2008

    I have three quilt books to mail you…if I ever get my lazy ass to the post office.

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