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A journalist observes life in the far north.


As a journalist, I feel it my duty to correct an inaccuracy in the last post. I don’t think that I could write the correction any better than what my brother wrote in an e-mail pointing out my error. I guess I am not the only child of Kristine Nystrom and Jim Milner to get the writing gene.

Miss Bohman,

In your most recent blog “Dad’s gone” I have noticed a few discrepancies. Ma’am, I wish to further your knowledge of what it is I, Gregory Malcolm Milner, do for a living for my country. You see Miss Bohman, or may I call you Amanda? Amanda, although you have what might be considered a vaguely accurate description of what it is I do, I hope to fill you in on some of the finer points of my vocation. As to delivering groceries around the world, I would specify that I deliver groceries to our Navy ships at sea, around the world. If you are not on a ship, I do not deliver. I think that would be the largest bit of information your current story has missed out on.

The purpose, or what some call “mission”, of our profession is to keep the US Navy warships supplied with everything from fuel to frosted flakes while at sea. From bombs to bacon bits, if you wish. Navy ships would fast be running out of tacos and toilet paper if not for the efforts of the Military Sealift Command, or “MSC” as we call ourselves. I can ensure you that our Navy sailors stay well snacked on extra cheesy Nacho Flavored Doritos due to no small part of myself & my fellow sailors. Thousands of Mountain Dews & Coke-A-Cola’s wash down those chips as well. This is on top of the thousands of rounds of ammunition we supply or the millions of gallons of fuel. Yes, we do it all. As our motto says, “MSC, We Deliver”

Miss Bohman … I’m sorry … Amanda, there will be no need for a retraction, as I am only putting forth this information as to better inform you, my big sister, of what I, your little brother, do for a living. Please do not be too horribly upset, I am sure that in time this misrepresentation will fade into the past.


Mr. Gregory Malcolm Milner


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