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I have a new favorite children’s book author and his name is David Greenberg. I picked up one of his books, “Slugs,” at Value Village for 69 cents. It’s a delightfully unwholesome read. Here’s a passage: “Slick a Slug with Super Glue, Stick it on you Sister Sue, Place another – maybe two, In her favorite high-heel shoe.” Or this one: “Why, there are Slugs that know karate, There are Slugs as big as you, And some night when you’re fast asleep, This is what they’ll do: …….They’ll chop you into pancakes, And turn you inside out, So your liver’s on the outside, And your brain is sauerkraut.”

Alec wondered whether this book is child appropriate, and I don’t know about that except to say that at this point Lucky is more interested in eating her books than reading them.

Anyone reading this post who might feel compelled to purchase a gift for my child, say on the occasion of her first birthday, which is six months away, please consider more books by David Greenberg. I Googled him and saw that he has also written “Skunks,” and “Bugs.”

Lucky gnawing on “Goodnight Moon.”


One comment on “Slugs

  1. Amber
    April 15, 2008

    I liked it but both my kids see a therapist so take what I say with a large grain of salt.

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