Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

Spring in Alaska

Yesterday’s snow storm was the biggest dump of the winter, according to the National Weather Service. Click here to read Tim Mowry’s story in the News-Miner. It was the second time that Alec plowed the driveway this winter. Two or three weeks ago, it was in the 50s and people were talking about breakup.

I’ve already called my friend, Marmian, to make plans to ski before it melts away. Bad roads kept me, as well as the Bottle Washing Fairy, home yesterday, but I am trying to get out of the house today for a lunch date and a trip to the DMV.

I booked my ticket in June to visit the Midwest, where I have family and friends. My Uncle Jim is having a cookout in my honor and dad said he’d take me and Lucky out on Lake Michigan on his boat. My friend, Karolyn, also offered to entertain at her house while we’re there.

Alec drove to Denali Park today to install 16 bathroom vanities for Princess Hotels, a big job for his company. Business is picking up, and he may have jobs in Wasilla and Valdez, he said.

Lucky committed her first official act of mischief yesterday. She was riding on my back while I watered the plants. As I watered a huge plant, I don’t know the name, maybe it’s a tree, she grabbed a stem and pulled it off the shelf. Dirt spilled from the pot all over the floor and Lucky’s toys. She thought it was pretty funny. I grounded her for a week.

I also recently caught the baby talking to one of her toys, a plastic giraffe with buttons. Press the multi-colored buttons and a recorded voice says corresponding letters and colors. Lucky and that giraffe yuck it up pretty good.

I am feeding her mushed-up vegetables with mixed results, but I was heartened yesterday when she started to lick the carrots off of her bib.

Our dog-poop coated yard looking pristine under fresh snow.

Another pretty picture from our hike last week.

Lucky hanging with Carter (back), Shane (left) and Cameron (right) at the Summit Lake cabin. The boys down there pay more attention to the baby than the girls.


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