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The Bohmanator

I was feeling cheeky, and I referred to myself as The Bohmanator on a friend’s answering machine. Alec overheard and has been calling me The Bohmanator ever since. “Bohmanator, can you pass the butter?” “Hey Bohmanator, did you put toilet paper on the shopping list?”

I suppose I deserve it for referring to myself in the third person. Don’t psychopaths and pampered socialites refer to themselves in the third person?


2 comments on “The Bohmanator

  1. MF
    April 16, 2008

    I used to call you the Bohmeister behind your back.
    Editor: “Where’s your gal-pal (or desk-mate or the person you yak all the time about Katie Holmes with?)
    Me: The Bohmeister is at the courthouse (or police station or Value Village.)
    But Bohmanator is so much more cool.

  2. aknewsgirl
    April 17, 2008

    I have a new desk mate, Rebecca George, a soon-to-be UAF graduate hired as the Fairbanks/GA reporter, whatever that is. It’s hard to imagine Miss George calling me The Bohmeister behind my back. I miss you.

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