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Sixteen candles (plus 20)

Yesterday was my birthday, and it was the best birthday ever. Really, it was. The Bottle Washing Fairy threw me a party and my brother is still here so he got to celebrate with me. My dad even called.

The day started with a gift from my friend, Judy, who refused to be photographed for the blog. Judy is my quilt-making instructor and she made me a beautiful quilt from scraps. Even Big Al was impressed. Judy knows I hate stuff that looks “matchy-matchy,” so the quilt is complete chaos with every color in the rainbow. It’s a lap quilt but I took it to bed last night because Big Al steals the covers. It’s got polar fleece on the backside, so I was cozy as I slept.

Greg and I went to the hot springs and soaked before the birthday bash, which took place deep in the woods off of Goldhill Road, where the Bottle Washing Fairy lives when she comes to Fairbanks.

To visit her place, one must walk about a half mile down a winding trail. I wore my breakup boots for the hike, and Lucky rode on my back. For dinner, The Bottle Washing Fairy made chicken and baked beans and a fruit salad with bananas, oranges, mango, grapes and coconut. The cake was a naughty chocolate turtle brownie concoction. I could feel my butt getting bigger with every bite. It was that naughty. And yes, there were 36 candles. It took me half the night to blow them out. I swear, I have the lungs of a pack-a-day smoker.

I made out like a bandit with presents. The Bottle Washing Fairy got me a colorful shirt made of Tencel, “a new age fiber,” says the tag. Don’s gift was a Mountain Heather hat.
My brother, ever practical, took my car for an oil change and replaced the windshield wipers. Big Al is making a necklace out of ivory. One of the best presents was a sci-fi story that my nephew, Josh, wrote and put in a birthday card. I spoiled myself and purchased a gift for myself too. It’s a punch card for the hot springs.

Me and The Bottle Washing Fairy.

Greg dishing up some food.

Don hanging out.

Baby and her dad.

Baby and gramma.

Baby and mama.

Me, baby and The Bottle Washing Fairy.

Hiking back out to the car.


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