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The Last Supper

My brother’s visit came to an end last night but not before we consumed pizza, nachos and vodka tonics at the Pump House bar. Greg was great to have around this last week. I realized quickly that I have been missing having a younger sibling to boss around. Not that there was much bossing. Greg was pretty good at lending a hand when he saw that one was needed. He calmed a fussy baby and carried the diaper bag many times. He even rolled up his sleeves and did a load of dishes without any prodding. I wish I hadn’t been so mean to him while we were growing up because I can see that Greg is a helpful person.

He’s good company too. My brother likes to shop, and he’s a chatterbox. Greg will wax philosophical about just about anything. During his visit, we talked about money, religion, manners, parenting, you name it. Greg showered Lucky with love. I wished I had had my camera out at the airport when Greg opened the car door, leaned into the back seat and planted a kiss on Lucky’s forehead. We will miss Greg around here, and we hope he comes back.


One comment on “The Last Supper

  1. greg
    May 5, 2008

    hey sis,

    having a great time in IL. saw phil last niht, he’s doing good. the weekend at uncle jim’s was great, auntie lynne joined us. melissa met dad today, we had a late breakfast in milwaukee … being phil and i werew up til about 4am i felt no need to get started too early. gonna have pizza with dawnie i think tonight.

    best wishes


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