Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

Crazy, crazy life

I am moved into my new Shangri-La and my neighbor has already gotten me out of a jam. I backed into one of Lucky’s grandpa’s flower boxes and he had to pull me out. I was thankful that Don was already awake. He tied one end of a tow rope to my Nissan Sentra’s undercarriage, the other end to his Toyota pickup and rode his clutch until my car lurched forward from its awkward perch. He was very graceful about the ordeal, assuring me that it was no big deal.

It took some scrambling and some bitchiness on my part the last few evenings to get me and Lucky set up in our new cottage. Birch trees, my favorite, surround us and we are only 10 minutes from town. It’s 30 minutes to town from our place on Murphy Dome. I suppose I should temporarily change the blog name. What sort of name goes with Meadow Mouse Road? The Meadow Mouse Memorandum? No, that sounds dumb.

I only brought belongings here that I know I will need. There are no extraneous books, shoes or jewelry. It’s liberating not having all of my junk surrounding me.

Alec went to the ER last night because something got into his eye in the shower and he couldn’t get it out. He kept digging in his eye. Don and I needled him to get professional help, especially because it was only 48 hours before he starts his climb.

In a few hours, we leave for Talkeetna by way of the Parks Highway. Summer tires are being put on the Forester as I type this. I am outside the Gulliver’s bookstore hijacking the Internet. (Don hasn’t set up his WiFi. I will continue to drop hints.)

From Talkeetna, Alec flies out to Base Camp tomorrow. I will go on to Anchorage, but not before expedition members dine together at the Fireweed Inn , where we are spending the night.

I am wondering if the group this year will be much like last year’s expedition, the seventh of the year for the climbing outfit, Alpine Adventures. I think that Alec is in the first or second expedition this year. His fellow climbers last year were yuppies, all men but one and all having some sort of well-paying high-tech job. Peter Hillary is climbing Denali this year, and Alec is hoping that he is in his expedition. Peter Hillary is the son of the late Sir Edmund Hillary, who summited Mt. Everest in 1953 and is one of the first known climbers to do so.


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