Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

We’re here

We made it to Talkeetna after a mellow four hours on the Parks Highway. The sun was so bright that I felt it cooking my skin through the car window. Lucky slept most of the time, which is good because she got to stay up late visiting with Hobbs, the innkeeper here at the Fireweed Station, and Lisa, Hobb’s assistant.

We arrived just in time for dinner with the other four climbers and the two guides, Andy and Mark. The climbers look strong and fit, and Alec said so after coming up from dinner. We have the top floor of the inn to ourselves. One climber is a physician from San Francisco. Two others work in the telecommunications industry. Mike, who climbed with Alec last year, works in the oil business.

The weather on the mountain, according to NOAA, is cloudy and five to 10 degrees above zero. Winds up to 25 mph are blowing up high.

This team is the second for Alpine Ascents this year. I have everyone’s name and I took lots of pictures at dinner, but I am too sleepy to decipher my notes. I’ll write more tomorrow. I think the team chooses a name tomorrow. One of the climbers plans to blog from the mountain.


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