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A call from Alec

He sounded tired, of course. The call came last night, and this is the first chance I have had to post something. Al said that they spent the day hiking around base camp and practicing crevasse rescue, although he was disappointed that they didn’t let him get into a crevasse.

Chris, the climber from Austin, Texas, was cold his first night on the mountain, Al said. The temperatures are in the single digits above zero during the day and the single digits below zero at night, according to the national weather service. Winds are kicking up to 40 mph near the summit and are expected to hit 50 mph up high by Monday. Those are not conditions to summit in, so I bet there are some teams holed up at 14,000 or maybe 17,000 camp.

Today the climbers had planned to proceed up the mountain from base camp. They will each be pulling sleds with about 75 pounds of food and gear.

Alpine Ascents has posted one cybercast confirming that Teams I and II, Alec’s team, have made it to base camp. The post says little more than to promise more posts in the future. Shahid mentioned being cold at night in his quick post last night.


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