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My first Mother’s Day

My friend Ginger and her family made my first Mother’s Day special. I feet like a member of the Levine/Ryan clan.

The day started with an early morning call from my baby brother, who wanted to be the first to wish me Happy Mother’s Day. I blogged while Charles and Ginger went to Sunday Mass. Then Ginger and I sat together in the giant green chair in their family room, and we opened presents like it was our birthdays. Mine present is the fancy green pen you see on the left. I have always wanted a pen with some personality. Ginger got orange—her favorite color—daisies, a Sara Bareilles CD and Ghirardelli’s chocolate bars. When she opened one of the chocolate bars, a piece was already eaten. Apparently, someone had opened the chocolate bar, ate a piece and put it back on the store shelf.

We took a long walk followed by a nap for Ginger and a hot bath for me. Ginger bought us Indian food for dinner, and I finally got to watch the movie “A Beautiful Mind.” I cried and cried.

The only downer of the day was that Lucky wouldn’t nap. She was tired and clingy and whined a lot. Ginger helped out, even giving her a hot bath to mellow her out.

Oh, and they threw me a belated birthday party. I had to blow out 36 candles on a cake again. They whispered the “Happy Birthday” song because Lucky was sleeping. The neighbor, Calvin, came by just before the singing began and joined in.

Alec called from Mt. McKinley to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. He said he feels even stronger than he did last year, and the climb is going well so far. It was windy today and cooler, he said. I could hear the wind blowing as he spoke. I told him about the high winds in the forecast at the summit. At about 8,000 feet, he is far from the top, which is 20,000 feet, but I thought he’d want to know what was going on.

One comment on “My first Mother’s Day

  1. Donna
    May 13, 2008

    I’m so glad your first Mother’s day was so good!
    Thank you Ginger for making that happen.

    Happy Belated Mother’s day!!!

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