Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

Bi-polar weather

Yesterday, the climbers were caught in a blizzard, getting hardly anything done except to shovel their tents out of the snow. Alec said they tried to climb higher to cache some gear before going to 14,000-foot camp, but the winds turned them back. The irony was that it was sunny and nice once you got to the 14,000-foot camp, according to a climber who had traveled down and passed Alec’s team.

The team is calling themselves the Snow Dogs, by the way. Read about it here in a cybercast from guide Andy Rich.

It snowed about two feet yesterday and another two feet over night, Alec said. When morning came, the stormy weather had remained but the clouds cleared away as the day progressed, making for a picturesque afternoon.

I don’t know when but Al said the team spent some time in the mess tent pouring over a Penthouse magazine and Ramin, the plastic surgeon from San Francisco, was pointing out the models who had had work done and those who hadn’t.

The mountain is beginning to get busy. The Swiss, the Italians and the French are all represented on Denali this year.

Shahid says on his blog that a film crew has arrived.

If things stay on schedule, and they rarely do on this mountain, the Snow Dogs will be summiting next Friday, according to Al.


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