Murphy Dome Diaries

A journalist observes life in the far north.

Hard day coming Monday

Monday will be one of the hardest days for the Snow Dogs. Alec said they are climbing up to stash some food and gear before their move to high camp. The climb will be over a great incline, the steepest climbing on the entire route. There are also crevasses. The team spent today going over safety and crevasse rescue, Alec said.

After taking the gear up tomorrow, the team will spend one more night in 14,200 camp, or Camp 3, and take a rest day before moving to high camp, where they will spend a night and then perhaps try to summit.

By the way, Alec said that there is a park ranger, who lives in a tent, at high camp, which is 17,200 feet.

The weather forecast is calling for clouds and some snow showers Sunday and Tuesday with temperatures around 10 below. Winds aren’t supposed to kick up passed 25 mph.


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