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Almost to the top

The Snow Dogs are now at high camp about 3,000 feet, or less than a mile, to the summit. Alec said they may attempt to summit as soon as Thursday. He is calling in the morning with more information. The air is thin and I could hear Alec breathing heavily but it wasn’t too bad. His oxygen saturation is about 80 percent, which is some of the best on the team. The lowest among the Snow Dogs is 65 percent. The day brought tough work getting to high camp but the views were spectacular, he said. They built a huge snow wall around their camp. They are concerned about the expected winds on Friday and are monitoring the weather closely.


2 comments on “Almost to the top

  1. Alena Dooner
    May 22, 2008

    Hello from California! Just wanted to let you know that it has been great following your blog – it been a good supplement for Shahid’s short bursts of info. It’s a bit nerve wracking knowing the weather is about to get a little hairy!

    Alena (old friend of Shahid’s)

  2. Jin Ahmed
    May 22, 2008

    Hi! My husband, Shahid, is also on the climb with Alec. I wanted to say hi and thank you for your updates. Our friends and family have been following your post and really appreciate hearing all the details of the trip.

    Thanks so much.

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