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Bob O’ Que

The 12th annual Bob O’ Que took place under sunny skies last weekend in downtown Fairbanks. I have been going to this party on Memorial Day weekend for a decade. The host is venerable News-Miner sports editor Bob Eley, whose eclectic group of friends includes journalists, teachers, lawyers, drunks, a doctoral student, public relations folk, actors and what have you.

My friend Helena lives near Bob and crashed the party, meeting copy editor Gary Black. The two talked much of the time about the wisdom of hiding guns and food in a bunker in the woods somewhere. I arrived with another friend, Judy, who kept saying these two men were bothering her but she’d go back and talk to them when they weren’t paying attention to her, haha.

I enjoyed seeing my friends, passing Lucky around and seeing a woman who was a juror in the trial of a drug dealer that I covered some months ago.

Live music at the party was a real treat this year.

Left: me and education reporter Christi. Right: Dermot Cole, the face of the News-Miner.

Regular Bob O’ Que goers.

Whoever guesses the owner of these gets a prize. Hint: they are not mine.

My colleague Chris.

Controlled substances other than alcohol may have found its way into this party.

Helena and Gary plotting their separatist compound.

Gary flanked by me and Mary. That’s Lucky on my back.

Judy and one of the men who she was “avoiding.”

Gary’s friend holding Lucky.

Me with Lucky on my back and Bob of Bob O’ Que fame.

Anyone who can sing, play guitar and smoke simultaneously is cool in my book.

Tom with his new girlfriend, Hannah (right). Mary, Tom’s former flame, is on the left pretending to be jilted.

More of Tom and his new squeeze along with Chris. Anyone else see a pattern here as far as the women who Tom dates?

Copy editor Josh hamming it up in a crowd shot.

Photographer John Wagner pulling up on his motorcycle and wearing leather.


9 comments on “Bob O’ Que

  1. Midge
    June 1, 2008

    Mary’s boobs. What’s my prize?

  2. aknewsgirl
    June 1, 2008

    I know your main squeeze is a photographer, but how about a print from Denali? I’ll send you a few of the best shots and you can choose which one.

  3. Midge
    June 1, 2008

    Seriously? I won?! Well, it wasn’t hard. Frankly, all I want is a wedding invite. Or an invite to the bachelorette party. And the photo of Wagner in leather and a hog was priceless.

  4. Hagen
    June 1, 2008

    I lamented missing the Bob ‘O Que this year. Thanks for sharing the photos of the event.

    Am I missing something by not being a photographer on a motorcycle? I am a bigger fella, I probably would look a little too much like Meatloaf in biker leather.


  5. Mary
    June 1, 2008

    Yeah, there is a trend. Tom only dates seriously awesome women. And he was way uncomfortable with how Hanna and I got along.

    Midge only knows it’s my rack because she used to live with me. I’m not the shy type.

  6. Dillon
    June 4, 2008

    Damn, missed another Bob O’Que. Been gone too long. Back in August, though. Yeah, I kind of notice that Tom changed the brand but not the flavor. That’s kind of weird. Oh, congrats on the engagement. See you soon.


  7. Dillon
    June 5, 2008


    the real trouble with being a photog on a big is what happens to the cameras when you have to lay the bike down – and eventually every bike goes down. I used to strap my Domke bag on the seat behind me but it was always shifting around making me nervous.


  8. greg
    June 5, 2008

    HEY!! very glad you didn’t post a cleavage shot of yourself & thanks for being your to point that out.


    ur brother

  9. greg
    June 5, 2008

    HEY!! very glad you didn’t post a cleavage shot of yourself & thanks for pointing that out (that it wasn’t you).

    just correcting whatever it is that got posted …

    ur brother

    p.s. your niece and nephew view your page … i’m just sayin’

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