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Speed wedding

I met a celebrity at a wedding last night. Seen with me here, his name is Moe “Slow Moe” Samuelson, and he is a legendary speed boat racer, known for dominating the Yukon 800 speed boat race. From what I could gather, Slow Moe is the grandfather of the bride, Ashley Gallagher, who married Russell Holloway, the father of her baby boy and a former Alaskan Granite employee, which is why we attended the blissfully short ceremony and accompanying reception, held on the Riverboat Discovery II on one of those perfect, sunny, warm Fairbanks nights that makes it all worthwhile to live here.

The wedding and reception were delightfully quick, lasting two hours. From nuptials to cake-cutting, I think only about a half an hour passed. It felt a little like a speed wedding, and I must say I liked it. So many weddings drag on forever, and you’re exhausted by the time you leave. I left this event energized. And the food was delicious. Lavelle’s, one of the fanciest restaurants in Fairbanks, catered. I usually don’t care that much for lamb but the lamb they served last night was mouth-watering. There was also shrimp with rice and Thai sauce plus lots of people walking around with trays carrying yummy things, such as meat, mushrooms and cheese on slices of toasted bread.

Alec and I tried to people watch but it was dizzying. We like to check out who hooks up at weddings. Often at weddings, there’s one super-hot sexy woman, and the guys compete for her attention. There were too many young, beautiful people at this wedding, however. No one woman stuck out. But it was fun watching the father of the bride. He was a bit liquored up when the wedding party was being introduced, and he slipped down a few stairs. Passing boaters and teenagers on the riverbanks kept mooning us. At one point, the father of the bride unzipped his pants, pulled out his manhood and flashed a group of teenagers back. Michael Dukes, a conservative radio talk show host, djed at the wedding, and he ate the whole time.

Here is the bride and groom during the official toast. I stalked the bride for a good picture, and I think I started to make her feel uncomfortable.

The nephew of the bride and groom.

Michael Dukes, dj.

A cute girl.

Alec hanging out.

A rainbow greeted us when we returned home.


One comment on “Speed wedding

  1. Bottle Washing Fairy
    June 15, 2008

    I notice a sweet young lady at Alec’s knee, though he seems oblivious; although, I know he is not. (Love keeping up with you by this means.)

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