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Your old junk might be worth something

This beautiful beaded purse was a gift from Dawn Polkey, my friend Donna’s mom. I accompanied them yesterday to the Antique Treasure Hunters Roadshow at the Comfort Inn in Racine, Wis. It’s a cross between a pawn shop and PBS’ “Antiques Roadshow” in that you bring them your family heirlooms and they tell you what they are worth. Sometimes, they buy the objects from you. Donna and her mom were curious about the value of family heirlooms, old records, jewelry, watches, old documents and miscellaneous objects they own.

An appraiser—I don’t know what to call the people who do the estimating—offered $14 for the beaded purse. Dawn gave it to me after I admired it.

One of the more interesting objects they brought to be looked over was a centennial American flag. They also have a copy of the Declaration of Independence, a reproduction that was mass produced on rice paper in the 1940s, according to the appraiser guy. Donna has a liquor bottle and shot glasses made to look like a car. When you remove the liquor bottle, it plays music.

Afterward, I went to Donna’s house and hung out. One of the highlights was messing around in her vegetable garden. She has awesome green pepper plants. Her lettuce seeds were washed away in a flood, she said.


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