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Things I missed

I loved my trip to the Midwest, but I missed a few things while I was gone. It was a bummer to miss Solstice. Alec went to an epic wedding in which the bride showed up in a helicopter, surprising even the groom.

I was especially disappointed to miss the dedication of the Army’s War Memorial in Fairbanks. I was in the air between Chicago and Seattle desperately trying to entertain an eight-month old baby when the Army unveiled the monument Wednesday afternoon, before about 2,000 people, according to Alec. Here’s the News-Miner story on the event.

Building the memorial was one of Alec’s bigger projects and something he had been working on since last year. Seen in the above photo with Alec is Col. Mike Shields, who led Fort Wainwright’s Stryker Bridage during a combat tour that ended a year and a half ago.

The Brigade returns to duty in Iraq later this year. Alec said plans are underway to build the memorial for that combat tour.

Don, Al’s dad, was able to attend the service and shot these pictures.

The couple renting from me starting in July are both Army. The wife is pregnant, and the husband leaves for war about a month after the baby’s birth. Both look to be in their early 20s, just starting out in life. I hope nothing happens to derail them. They are a sweet couple who received a glowing recommendation from their last landlord.


Rose implicating herself after digging in the bathroom trash. We are making her keep this lid on her head indefinitely as a punishment.


One comment on “Things I missed

  1. ginger
    July 9, 2008

    Amanda and Alec…
    Charles, the boys and I went to the Army War Memorial during our visit.


    Words and photos cannot properly describe the display. We were in awe of the walkway, the individual markers for the soldiers, the sponsored benches, and, of course, the main piece.

    It was quite a sobering visit, as Charles explained to the boys how many of the Strykers, after coming back to America and setting foot in their own homes, packed back up and returned to Iraq to help their comrades. He stressed to them that those men loved their country enough to return and that some died thereafter.

    On our way out, Charles reached down to pick up a wreath that had fallen next to one of the individual soldier markers. The wreath had the word “DADDY” displayed across it. As Charles fixed it so that it stood again, we noticed a little toy sitting underneath… a Superman action figure standing at the base of the marker. It was touching and sad.

    Be sure to tell Alec that we loved his work and appreciate the obvious pride and dedication he put forth.

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