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Man, woman, baby, dogs, chickens and now teenager

A 15-year-old has joined us on Murphy Dome. Colton, Alec’s nephew from Seattle, is visiting for a month. He’s about 6 feet 4 inches tall, makes his bed, washes his hands before dinner and was civilized enough to accept a cup of tea this morning.

From what I could get out of him, Colton has been spending his summer on the beach at Lake Stevens, stunt car driving and riding all-terrain vehicles. He has no opinion about presidential politics. He’s seen the movie “Meet the Fockers” multiple times.

He quit his job shortly before coming here, where he will camp and fish whenever he is not working alternately for Alaskan Granite and for his grandpa Don, who is in the midst of a major house remodel.

I hope we can entertain a teenager. This morning, he said that he planned to give up text messaging during this trip. He had his nose stuck in his cellphone by afternoon.


One comment on “Man, woman, baby, dogs, chickens and now teenager

  1. Helena
    June 30, 2008

    Hey Amanda, welcome back to Fairbanks. I’d been wondering why I haven’t seen your byline in the newsminer for a while – only to find out here that you were traveling in far away lands with the Luckster.

    Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

    I forget which day/which blog, but you’d written something about the vicarious nature of being employed by a newspaper.

    You’d mentioned something about craigslist, and that, fortunately, it hadn’t caught on here in Fairbanks.

    Well, sweet pea, it just might . . .

    I’ve been thinking for months already, that if I really wanted to do my pocketbook a favor, I’d find a roommate situation. The thought is odious, but . . . financially compelling. Tonight, I took the plunge in terms of looking. Or such were my intentions. The newsminer has always listed ads for roommates, and rooms for rent. But apparently doesn’t any longer. I haven’t looked at the rental classifieds in a long, long time, so maybe it’s a matter of me not knowing how to navigate around the paper’s new format. Or maybe, the newsminer really doesn’t post any ads for apartments, (only houses for rent), no ads for roommates, etc. I find that hard to believe.

    In hard copy, I only ever look at Monday’s paper to check out all the gossip on who’s getting married, who just had a kid, who I’m truly wishing to God would finally get a friggin’ divorce (and you know who he is) – but that’s the only edition of the paper I check out in hard copy on any kind of regular basis. Everything else is online. And it just seems like the paper’s on-line rental classifieds section just ain’t what it used to be.

    The paper wants to keep a competitive edge on the likes of craig’slist et al? Then don’t give them an edge to begin with. Cuz tonight – in looking for roommate ads – is the first night I actually went to craigslist because I couldn’t find first what I wanted to in the newsminer.

    My 2 cents.

    Sorry about your pooch, by the way. I really feel for you. It’ll be my turn with Homer, a 14.5 year old lab, any day now.

    Love ya.

    And again, welcome back.

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