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A surprise visit

My childhood friend, Ginger, is visiting from Anchorage. She hopped a plane to Fairbanks with her husband and two boys. The visit isn’t exactly a surprise because she called first but it feels like one because it was unexpected and very welcome.

We shared a meal last night at Ivory Jacks. Alec and Charles, her husband, finally met. Later, Charles made a toast to my and Alec’s engagement. Charles and Ginger brought a bottle of champagne to the house. Their boys played outside with a sledgehammer and a pile of scrap stone while the grownups, plus a little blonde baby girl, sat inside talking.

It was a rare social evening at our house. I say rare because we don’t get many visitors way up here.

The Levines, as Charles and Ginger are called, are pondering whether to go camping in Valdez with us this weekend. The picture shows the family leaving in my old Nissan Sentra, the Bottle Washing Fairy’s car when she is in town. I loved watching Charles drive off in that jalopy with his family because I was driving that car when we first met a few years ago and he teased me about it. It’s a 1990.

I must leave now to have coffee with Ginger at her hotel on Fort Wainwright.


3 comments on “A surprise visit

  1. Bottle Washing Fairy
    July 4, 2008

    The Bottle Washing Fairy is delighted to know the car is serving others, and eagerly anticipates arriving mid-month. Much love, bwf

  2. Helena
    July 5, 2008

    Um, sweetie, did you say “engagement???” Kinda snuck that word in there, casual like.

    That’s *awesome* – I’m really happy for all 3 of you!


  3. ginger
    July 9, 2008

    Charles looks lovely in your car, doesn’t he? Thank you so much for the rental. Since we couldn’t get a hop back to Anchorage for several days, the car helped us keep the boys entertained. It was so nice seeing you!

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