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Read, eat, work, hike, nurture

Chasing after this girl is keeping me busier and busier, although I managed to read “The Glass Castle,” writer Jeanette Walls’ memoir. Her childhood is so unbelievable that I Googled her, wondering if she pulled a James Frey.

Lucky is eating solid food almost exclusively, she says “ma” and “da,” and she bites her tongue when she is trying to figure something out, such as how to reach the tips of one of my plants. Here she is after crawling under the dining room chair and getting stuck.

I haven’t been to town since Friday. But I have gone on two hikes and Alec and I went on a drive to check out the state wood cutting area not far from our house. We are putting in a wood stove this fall.

I am working on a story about a 50-year class reunion happening next weekend, which is also Golden Days, an annual festival commemorating the Gold Rush Era. There’s a beer festival at the local brewery next weekend too.

We took the potty seat out of the box. Here is Lucky checking it out.

Lucky getting into the trash can.


2 comments on “Read, eat, work, hike, nurture

  1. Aunt Lia
    July 14, 2008

    Yay! I got my blog update on gorgeous Jade!
    It is another gorgeous day here.
    We have had some great ones lately.
    It is supposed to be sunny 70s all week long, yay!
    I saw a hummingbird last night perched on my tree, it saw me and flew off. I
    was inside and it was on my deck. They sure are shy.
    Hope you are having a super summer.
    I am enjoying my morning at home, before I head off to the shop.
    I had a nice telephone visit with my Grandma Rohde last night. Grandpa was
    off on a walk so she picked up the phone. At first she did not remember me
    or my Mom and sounded hazy, but after I talked about Edith (Edee) for awhile
    remembered my Mom and then seemed to remember me and asked about Colton in
    AK. Grandpa came back and sounded pissed she was on the phone and did not
    want to talk to me. But she said oh no he’s not mad, you just keep calling.
    I felt bad about Grandpa, but was glad I got to talk to her and she sure
    perked up during out conversation.
    Ethan came home long enough to scarf up some hamburgers and left to go hang
    out with Travis.
    I watched Atonement last night, they did a good job following the book.
    Hope you are having a super summer.
    I am enjoying my morning at home, before I head off to the shop.

  2. ginger
    July 31, 2008

    LOVE the pic of Lucky stuck under the chair! I bet you were laughing your ass off.:-)

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