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Mystery solved

A mysterious letter from Rex, one of Alec’s former commercial fishing crew mates, arrived recently. Alec and Rex fished together on The Beauty Bay. The letter asked Alec to contact him right away. Alec e-mailed. Rex’s response was a proposition to captain a salmon tender out of Kodiak pronto. Rex apparently lives in Hawaii and continues to work in the fishing industry. Alec told me he turned down the offer and without hesitation, which surprised me because he used to tear up during The Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch.”

Alec said he would have preferred a job offer fishing in Hawaii.

The Bottle Washing Fairy and I took Lucky today to the park, where she took her first merry-go-round ride. Then we walked along the Chena River, chatting about the BWF’s friend who’d been written up in The New Yorker and about the people who occasionally visit her cabin when she’s away.

I haven’t seen much of Colton, our teenaged visitor, lately. He spent last night with the BFW at her place in the woods. He spent last weekend four-wheeling in the wilderness with his grandpa, and he is back at grandpa’s tonight, playing “Grand Theft Auto” on the Sony Playstation, Alec suspects. It sounds like he is having fun. His grandmother remarked that he seems more talkative than usual.

I am anxiously waiting to hear of news about my friend, Amy, a spokeswoman for science, wife of a dog musher and mother-to-be. Her baby girl is a few days overdue. Her new blog is The Mountain Runner Notebook on WordPress.

The next two days I work at the paper. The reporters just got notice that our supervisor is being promoted, and we’ll be getting a new one. The higher ups plan to recruit from within the company before advertising the position. I am a senior writer—by seniority—so some money is possibly on me for the job. The outdoors editor and the religion editor would both be top picks, although neither has gone for the position in the past as far as I know. My money is on the borough reporter, a young, handsome, tie-wearing fellow who strikes me as a company man. The new business reporter impresses me, but I don’t know much about her past jobs or where her ambitions lie. If the job goes outside of the newsroom, I’d love to see someone brought in who has rhinoceros-thick skin and Harry Connick Jr. charisma.

I wish I had volunteered myself to sub at the city desk because I am half-tempted to put my hat in the ring. I wonder what it is like supervising a bunch of 20-somethings making their way up in the world.


2 comments on “Mystery solved

  1. Aunt Lia
    July 18, 2008

    Yay a new post. I feel like a blog junkie.
    Go for the job girlfriend. You can always turn it down if you decide it is not the right thing. I am so very thankful to you and Alec for giving this month to Colton. He so very much needed the adventure and opportunity to stretch his manly wings. This last year was a hard one. Thanks for welcoming our baby bird into your nest. Hope very much to meet you and baby Jade soon. This summer has been an answered prayer, I cannot thank you enough. Eat your wheaties cuz parenting teens ain’t for sissies.
    Much love from a grateful Auntie Lia

  2. Midge
    July 18, 2008

    Oooh. Yummy gossip. I put my money on the tie-wearing chap as well. Although I’d put my money on you if you were interested in the job and it came down to an arm wrestle between you and him….

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