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I am off the wagon

I am back to my old ways, baking cookies. In my defense, it warms the house on a cool day like today. To burn off the extra calories, I climbed a nearby hill, hiking my favorite trail, which ends near some gated property where the owner has put up signs quoting the Constitution and saying that anyone who enters his land will be shot.

Our teenage visitor, who is currently bunking at his grandfather’s house, has a date tonight. At least that’s what he told his uncle Alec. He met a young lady through a friend of his grandfather’s. I can’t wait to hear the story behind it. Also, he is reportedly lobbying for a tattoo, which prompted a round of e-mails from his mother firmly stating he is not to get a tattoo.

I have interviewed one potential babysitter. She is promising. After leading me on a tour of her apartment, she handed me a 50-page policy manual detailing all sorts of things, from her child care philosophy to what she does when a kid is hurt. What bothered me was a casual comment she made about how it’s OK for babies to put rocks in their mouths. She doesn’t think it’s harmful or a choking hazard. They eventually spit them out, she said. Also, she leaves the tv on, mostly for background noise, she said. It concerns me because Jade hasn’t taken up tv watching, and I like it that way. The woman, 25, enjoys making her living providing child care. She has a school-aged son and watches two babies a few months older than Jade. I asked for references from the parents of the two children.


2 comments on “I am off the wagon

  1. Aunt Lia
    July 19, 2008

    Trust your instincts Mama bear!
    One of my fond memories is when I interviewed my dear friend Jeanine (then a complete stranger) who was advertising in the paper offering child care. We traded watching kids for years, her daughter is in college on a track scholarship and son is on the Olympic training team for skiing.
    When we met I asked my million zillion question in her huge mansion on the lake. When we finished her car would not start. She needed to take Bailey to ballet. I told her to take my subaru and I would stay and watch the kids. Bailey 2, Colby 13 months and Ethan 1 year.
    She said “You are offering me the keys to your car?!!! We just met!”
    I said “I am going to let you watch my son, are you kidding? It is just a car?”
    We still chuckle about it. She is doing great loving empty nest. Just bought a convertible and driving to the OR coast with her hubby. The kids grew up together and she was a wonderful friend, babysitter and walking buddy.
    Scott says I did not potty train E and Colby I house broke them. That potty chair on the back porch and probably a bit off peeing in the bushes worked well for boys.
    Much love and thanks for putting up with C and his Kooky Mom.
    Best Regards,

  2. ginger
    August 7, 2008

    “…a casual comment she made about how it’s OK for babies to put rocks in their mouths. She doesn’t think it’s harmful or a choking hazard.”

    um… that’s just dumb. Scratch that name off the list.

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