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I held a five-pound baby

A tiny baby lives with her mom and dad in my old house and I held her today. She was like a little doll, everything tiny and perfect. Tiffany, as she is called, is the six-day-old girl of my tenants. I saw them while paying Cody, the son of Alec’s business partner, to cut the lawn. I didn’t dare ask to take a picture of the girl. She seemed too tiny and fragile. Her mama said she only cries when she is hungry. She sleeps during the day, and she is alert at night. I said a quick prayer asking for her good health.

I offer the pictures below from the Wilco concert last night. Going out on a Friday night was a special treat. I haven’t been out much on the weekends since becoming a mother. The mix of people at the concert was priceless. Drug dealers, writers, college students, lawyers, a state judge, an art dealer, barristas, and an architect were among the concert goers. Seen with me here is my long-time friend, Gimbel, a mathematician.

Gimbel and I sat on the grassy knoll, away from the crowd, for part of the concert. We gossiped like a couple of desperate housewives.

Christi, education reporter, Mary, former copy editor, and me.

Erica, features writer, and me.

The Bottle Washing Fairy looked after Jade while I was out.


One comment on “I held a five-pound baby

  1. Aunt Lia
    July 27, 2008

    Yippee Skippee!
    I feel like a blog junkie who finally got a fix.
    I check each day and Yay! You posted. Glad summer is going swimmingly and Jade is keeping you too busy to post. Found a few great kids books at a garage sale put on by a Mom to fund her daughter, a teacher’s return to college to earn her MA. She and I met and chatted like a house on fire.
    I think I want to keep the man who kept his heart in a bucket. Reminds me of the fairy tale of you and Alec’s love.
    Will share the Mom and me activity book that reminded me of all the fun to be had at the ages of yourself and baby Jade. New fun and challenges to be had with teens.
    Love and prayers,
    Auntie Lia

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