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Cooking at home today

My mathematician friend, Gimbel, and a lady friend of his who is visiting from Outside are coming to dinner tonight. The menu is carrot curry soup, moose quiche, halibut, salad, roasted potatoes and vanilla ice cream with raspberry syrup that I bought at the Farmer’s Market.

I am excited to be staying home today. My goal is to stay on the dome three days a week. I am tired of going to town, running around in my car all day.

That’s fireweed in the picture to the right. I picked it this morning during our hike. The sun poked out for a few minutes but disappeared behind the clouds.

Gloomy weather on Murphy Dome.

Lucky playing on the floor.


One comment on “Cooking at home today

  1. Lady Friend from the Outside
    August 6, 2008

    The dinner was fabulous! I enjoyed meeting you, Lucky and the Bottle Wishing Fairy. The walk after dinner was just right (even with the sprinkles).

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