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Winds and floods

The news has been stunning all week. First, an Air Force general in Anchorage took his own life. Next, the most powerful political figure in Alaska was charged with seven felonies. Today, Fairbanks saw flooding that hasn’t taken place in decades—since the Flood of 1967. My head is stirring.

I went for a walk to clear my head. Now I am hobbling around. My right hip is sore and I don’t know why, especially since I was too busy to hike at all yesterday.

Alec is running around Austin with his Texas climbing buddy. He finished his class in South Carolina early and decided to visit The Lone Star State. He took a private tour of the state capitol and went to see some bats today.

I still have power at home courtesy of an epic wind storm last night. The batteries that power my house were low Monday. The power should have gone out by now. But a storm last night charged the batteries, keeping this place going maybe another day. I could hear the turbine humming late into the night. The wind blew debris against the house. This morning, the road was littered with tree branches.

The sun came out for awhile today. I don’t expect it to be back anytime soon.


One comment on “Winds and floods

  1. Bottle Wishing Fairy
    July 31, 2008

    I must have gotten out of town just in time. Although, the forest was awash as I schlept my things to the car. I didn’t realize the swamp was anything unusual. ML, BWF

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