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Wet walk in the woods

The earth squished under my feet last night as I climbed my hill, which is producing mushrooms and berries. Wood smoke permeated the air, and smoke wafted from every chimney. I smelled a musky dog-poo-like scent that caused me to repeatedly check the bottoms of my shoes. Finally, I realized the smell wasn’t me. It was the forest. Maybe a more accurate way to describe the smell is that it was like the bottom of a laundry basket full of damp, dirty clothes. What did I expect after weeks of rain? Every pothole on the road home held a puddle of water.

People here are giving up on summer. There is talk of the coming winter months. There are seven of them. Parents are taking their children school clothes shopping. Heating oil companies are mailing letters asking whether customers want to be on auto fill. More and more trucks on the road are carrying loads of firewood. I started the chore of going through Lucky’s winter clothes. Still, I can’t bring myself to pack up her summer shorts.

A neighbor picking berries.


One comment on “Wet walk in the woods

  1. Aunt Lia
    August 7, 2008

    Dear A ~
    Glad you are able to walk despite the weather. The forest is fun to explore. When Ethan was in Newcastle visiting Jill and her gang he said “I am a country boy I miss my trees.”
    I can deal with any weather but sunshine and light is my favorite. It could be freezing cold or rainy with sunshine and I’d be happy.
    Know how hard packing up baby clothes is for Moms, each step they take is growing up and eventually away from us.
    I definitely have pre-empty nest syndrome…miss our boys.
    We have been having glorious sunny days.
    I am going to take my color boards & portfolio and container gardens to the farmer’s market tonight and try to drum up some painting clients.
    Hope you get an indian summer before the darkness sets in.
    I sent you and miss Jade a book of activities I hope you will enjoy.
    Best Regards,

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