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I’m a star

Alaskan Abroad posted a picture of me and Lucky. Alaskan Abroad is a blogger and former co-worker. He’s probably one of the first Alaska journalists to blog seriously. He gets about 1,000 hits a day so I feel like a star. He is visiting Fairbanks from Washington DC, where he is pretending to be a pundit for practical reasons. We sat across from each other for awhile when he worked at my paper a couple of years ago. The picture on his blog was taken last night at a bbq in his honor. I was a proud mom when I put Lucky down on the grass and she crawled over to where the big kids (ages 3 and up) were playing and joined in. I think that’s pretty cool for a 10-month-old. The picture to the left was taken over the weekend.

I had plans to go with some other moms to the beach today but I scrapped them to get a close look at a solar car. A Canadian has driven one to Fairbanks from Buffalo, N.Y. I am covering the press conference in about two hours. I plan to hoist Lucky on my back and write the story this afternoon during her nap. I’ll try to get a picture with Lucky and the car if it’s not too cheesy. It looks like a spaceship and caused quite a commotion coming into town yesterday.

2 comments on “I’m a star

  1. Aunt Lia
    August 15, 2008

    A ~
    I looked on the blog but did not find the picture you referenced.
    Jade sure seems to be an independent child, and gorgeous of course.
    Hugs from Auntie Lia

  2. ginger
    August 17, 2008

    saw the pic… great shot! you both look fabulous!
    To Lia.. look far down the blog page and you’ll find the pic on Aug 14. NOTE: He blogged several times that day.

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