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All Hollows Eve

I bought a long black cape and a set of butterfly wings at garage sales yesterday. For Halloween, I’ll either be a fairy princess or a witch. I still don’t know what Jade will be. I am learning how to sew this fall, and I want to make her costume. Maybe she can be a frog for the fairy princess to kiss or a troll in cohorts with the witch.

Some days it’s just grand living 20 miles away from civilization. This view greeted me at the turnoff to our house tonight.

A former co-worker, Robinson Duffy, at the Noel Wien Library not long after Mother Moose storytime on Saturday. Robinson is rocking his son, Arthur.

Jade playing with a group of kids earlier at the home of my friend, Marmian Grimes, also a former co-worker.

Jade looking a little overwhelmed.

Robinson’s wife, Bobbi, playing with Arthur. That’s Seneca and Cedar, both of Canada, in the back. We took the kids out to the Bottle Washing Fairy’s cabin for a field trip last week.


2 comments on “All Hollows Eve

  1. Bottle Washing Fairy
    September 1, 2008

    How great!
    Did you sign the guest book?

  2. Paige Jennifer
    September 3, 2008

    That sunset is like a deep breath, calming my nerves and giving me a good reason to smile.

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