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Bravo, governor

OK. I’ll admit it. Sarah Palin’s speech was good. Her voice, while a little shrill for me at times, made her sound like a fighter. The tone and pitch reminded me a bit of Hillary Clinton. I loved the joke: The only difference between hockey moms and pit bulls is lip stick. I liked her talk of increasing the use of alternative energies. I liked her pledge to stand up for special needs people. I thought her crack suggesting that Barack Obama is two faced was fair. She hearkened back to his famously embarrassing quote that small town Americans are clinging to their guns and Bibles.

I bristled, however, at her remark that she doesn’t care whether she gets the approval of reporters. Not that I think she should wake up every morning and think about how she can suck up to the press. But the press is an important institution of our democracy and I admire political candidates who understand that. I think the press has treated her pretty fairly. Also, without the press, she wouldn’t be enjoying such a successful political career. It’s a cheap shot to diss the press.

A small chill went up my spine when she talked about wanting victory in Iraq. I thought we already had victory. Saddam Hussein has been brought to justice. The problem is getting out of there without the place falling apart. The Iraq war is costing $341 million a day, according to the National Priorities Project. That money could better be spent at home on roads and schools, not to mention bridges and levees, particularly considering Iraq is rich in oil.

I thought part of the speech, going over her family and background, was repetitive. Palin already did that with her speech in Ohio. Nevertheless, considering her inexperience on the national scene, it’s probably smart to run on her character. I bet a lot of undecided voters are going to cast their vote based on their gut feelings about the candidates. You have to admire Palin, a mother of five, including a special needs baby and a pregnant teenage daughter, for going from hockey mom to vice presidential candidate. It’s pretty amazing to be able to run a large family, a state and a campaign for the White House. It makes me wonder why I don’t do more.


4 comments on “Bravo, governor

  1. Aunt Lia
    September 4, 2008

    You go girl!
    Just Raise Jade right and kick
    Alec Joseph Turner in the butt often
    and you are a rock star too!!!
    E moved out and I am sad. Katie is robbing us of sleep.
    we are on IV crap now…need $300 a day for hospital. Not, doing hospice ourselves.
    Colton got the reinventation year .
    We are blessed with abundance.
    Love to sweetie and stinky and you,
    Love ya,

  2. jennifer
    September 7, 2008

    I didnt take the media comment the same way you did. When governer Palin said she didnt care if she got the approval of reproters I seemed to me that she was saying that directly to the media who have been responsible for dragging her good name through the mud. Not all reporters. Also, it seemed to me that she qualified her statement by saying she wasnt going to Washington to seek the approval of reporters, but to work for the people. anyway, just my thoughts. love ya, jennifer

  3. Bottle Wishing Fairy
    September 7, 2008

    My Dear,
    Doing more is not what is best for you or your family. You do plenty, and you do it well. The sweet disposition of that beautiful baby girl is your reward and proof of what a good job you are doing.
    Congratulations to you,

  4. Winterpen
    September 8, 2008

    I agree with the Bottle Washing Fairy. If you needed to do more, you would. Palin does have lots of help and it seems her husband and kids kick in.

    I’ve turned down many opportunities because I put my family first. I never regretted it. But I went way beyond as a working mom that my fundamentalist teachers never gave permission for. I don’t regret that either. Life is lived in the grey areas.

    And you’re a good mom.

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