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Misty morning

Ssssshhhhhh. Lucky is asleep. It’s before 8 a.m. My bladder woke me and I am grateful because I am stealing some moments to myself. I tip-toed out of bed and turned NPR on low. I have to blow my nose but am hesitant to make a loud noise.

I sit here in the new $50 garage sale chair in the living room. I bought it for Alec but he hates it. It’s too cushiony and the seat goes back too far. Plus he’s grossed out by the few stains. “Do you have a sheet or something you can throw over it?” he asked after we hauled it up the stairs. It’s not that he minds stains. He just prefers his own. I guess other people’s stains kind of gross me out too. I’m just glad he hasn’t tried bringing the lawn chair back into the living room.

My feet are on the ottoman, which the seller threw in for free. A cup of coffee is on the kitchen chair beside me. The end table is being used elsewhere for some baby-proofing.

The view this morning is glorious. A cloud is resting just above the valley, which is two-toned green and orange because the leaves are dying. Last year was my first fall on the dome but I failed to notice the beauty because I was preoccupied with having a baby. Damn. I just heard some peeping coming out of the water closet where Lucky sleeps.

Orange is my favorite color so I am enjoying looking at the forest this fall. The 25-mile drive to and from town isn’t so bad. Last Friday, we drove to the cabin in the mountains. The sun was behind us. We saw hundreds of bunnies and three moose. Alec would slow down to try to see if the moose were males. He went hunting with his dad a couple of weekends ago but they came home empty-handed. I am surprised we didn’t hit a bunny there were so many. I liked how the trees looked with the sun coming from behind us. The orange leaves made it seem brighter than sunset. Fall is more progressed in the mountains and everything was bright orange.

The weekend at the cabin turned out to be a disaster. I contracted food poisoning or maybe a bug. I spent Saturday running out to the outhouse and nagging Alec to look after the girl. “Can you change her diaper, honey?” “Will you feed her some dinner, please?” Al kept trying to sneak outside and finish his project leveling the cabin. He assembled a tripod and had me stand very still in each corner of the tiny living room holding a measuring tape while he looked through a telescope-like thing and wrote down measurements on a paper plate, using a pen he stole from my purse.

Now the sun is blasting threw the clouds in the valley and lighting up the living room. It’s in my eyes but I don’t mind. Pretty soon there won’t be sunlight this early in the morning. It’s official. She’s up. I can hear her talking to herself.

Yesterday, I removed my new brown parka from its box. I bought it on clearance at Sears last spring. It’s one that I wanted for about a year. It’s fitted and goes down to the tops of my knees. I had some red boots put away too. I almost wore them to work.

Tonight, some Lowe’s delivery people are bringing a new refrigerator. It’s stainless steal and the freezer is on the bottom. It was one of the only ones that we could find that doesn’t have a water spout in the door. Alec thinks we will get one more day of power from the batteries after we get rid of our old icebox, which we think is from the 1970s.

Now she is half-heartedly crying. I guess I can blow my nose now.


One comment on “Misty morning

  1. Bottle Washing Fairy
    September 13, 2008

    You write so very well. I love these glimpses of your daily routine. Can hardly wait to be there to see you three.
    ml, tbwf

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