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10 things going on in my life

1) I am reading television journalist Lesley Stahl’s memoir, “Reporting Live.”
2) Lucky took five steps a few nights ago.
3) Alec is mad at me, announcing last night over plates of pork and rice that I don’t pay attention when he is talking to me.
4) I bought a frog costume for Lucky to wear on Halloween despite making much ado about how I planned to sew her a costume.
5) A soldier friend of mine asked today whether I’d be interested in collaborating on a book about his upcoming deployment to Afghanistan, where he’ll be a commander. (I just spelled Afghanistan correctly on the first try. A good sign, huh?)
6) There’s been a confirmed bear sighting in the forest within a mile of my house.
7) I have neglected the chickens lately, and I am afraid to go out to the hen house to find them all dead.
8 ) I was in my bathrobe until 2 p.m. today.
9) I resolved to dye my hair red to cover the gray but then changed my mind.
10) I hate how Lucky smells like the babysitter when I pick her up after work.

2 comments on “10 things going on in my life

  1. Helena
    September 19, 2008

    #2 totally rocks!

    The thing I love about little, little kids, is sometimes they are so possessed of individuality and character that you can tell, looking at them at the age of 0+, 1, or 2, the people they’ll become when they’re 20, 30, or 40.

    I can already tell that Lucky is going to be an intense and wonderful human being.

    Woo hoo!!!! She’s learning to walk!

    That’s a really big deal, Amanda. Of the 10 things you wrote of, Lucky taking her first steps is by far the most important.

  2. jennifer and judy
    September 21, 2008

    now, does the babysitter smell or do you just hate to leave Lucky at the sitters house?

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