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Goodmorning world

I was standing by the kitchen sink yesterday when I nudged a glass bottle over the edge of the counter and it shattered on the floor. The Bottle Washing Fairy said: “I remember the first time I broke a dish when Lia (Jade’s aunt) was Jade’s age. I worried that I wouldn’t find every piece. I wanted to pack up and move.”

The picture is this morning’s sunrise. I was the first person to get out of bed today but Alec and Lucky were only about 15 minutes behind. Alec is watching Dan Rather on “Meet The Press.” Lucky is hanging out by her high chair, looking for scraps of food and probably wondering when someone is going to make her breakfast.

A woman being interviewed on public radio right now is talking about being too broke to buy groceries. She and her husband bought more house than what they could afford a few years ago. They have an adjustable rate mortgage. The value of their house has dropped by half this last year, while their mortgage payment goes up. They are working multiple jobs and getting by on beans, rice and multi-vitamins, she said.

I have a story to write today for tomorrow’s paper. Alec says I am procrastinating by blogging. Maybe so but I prefer to call it warming up.


2 comments on “Goodmorning world

  1. Aunt Lia
    October 5, 2008

    You Go Girl!
    Love ya,
    Auntie Lia

  2. g
    October 9, 2008

    how’s that darling daughter of yours doin’ ???

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