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Earning my puke badge

Without warning, Lucky, who was lying on my chest, got up on all fours, threw back her head, opened her mouth and expelled her dinner on my neck. It felt like someone had poured a bowl of warm stew over me. This happened Tuesday night.

I think the episode will go down in history as one of my crazier mom moments, along with sitting in a room at the public health clinic, my boobs hanging out in front of two perfect strangers—lactation nurses—and crying because I could not nurse my new baby without it feeling like someone was sticking needles in my nipples. Or the time I lost control of my brand new Toyota Yaris and hit a Mitsubishi Montero head-on. Lucky was in the back seat and she was fine but I still freaked out, pulled her out of the car seat and checked her little body for injuries.

This morning, Lucky was trying to play in the toilet so I found myself standing over the sink, brushing my teeth with my leg stretched to the side and my foot resting on the toilet lid.

Lucky’s flu wasn’t scary because she kept down fluids as long as I gave them to her a little at a time. One of the babies at her day care was put in the hospital last weekend for dehydration, probably because of the same virus.

Overall, I seem to have a healthy child, despite the failed breastfeeding experiment and the head-on car crash. I hope it stays this way.


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