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One more day to go

My pal and former desk mate (I am sighing wistfully right now) wrote an awesome essay about voting. See it here. Anyone who is into exercising their duty as a citizen will relate to her words.

The essay made me think about the first time I voted in a presidential election. It was 1992. Don’t laugh but I voted for Ross Perot. I didn’t really understand what that vote meant. I just figured it was time to break the stranglehold on power that both the Democrats and the Republicans seemed to have. Also, some people who I respected were supporting Perot. If I had known better, I would have voted for Bill Clinton. Bob Dole seemed like a scolding grandpa to me. Also, Republican was a dirty word in my household. I remember my step father during the 1980s often lamenting “Reaganomics,” which seemed strange to me because he qualified for free government cheese under President Reagan’s policies. I thought he owed the president some sort of gratitude for the cheese.

I’m excited at the prospect of voting tomorrow. I’m even more excited that I am working election night. I hope it’s not too cold because I may be expected to go out and talk to voters at the polls. Alaska is solidly a red state, but some Republicans here are having legal troubles so it will be interesting to see what the voters do.

Yesterday, Alec called his plastic surgeon friend, who said he plans to vote for Barack Obama even though it will cost him money because his taxes will go up. Alec has told me that he won’t be voting, but I think he says it to get my goad. We’ve been glued to the debates and the news shows and it’s hard to imagine that Al will sit this one out after everything we’ve seen and heard.

Whoever is elected to lead this country, I hope our lives improve. Two wars and a tanking economy are not only draining the national treasury but the country’s hope. Business is slow at Alec’s company. He had lined up some big jobs for the winter, but they all canceled. No one wants to buy stone counter tops in this economy. Alec had a business meeting with his dad and made plans for what to do if things don’t improve. He put up for sale the land that he had bought to build a warehouse someday.

Lucky at a Halloween party sponsored by a Lions Club.

Rose managed to get up on the ottoman. Lucky coming to see me.

The baby playing in the snow.

Sledding with the play group.

My trail.


One comment on “One more day to go

  1. Midge
    November 4, 2008

    Miss you too. Thanks for reading my rant…

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