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Full moon antics

Probably the same guy who has been holding up businesses in Fairbanks for over a year struck again, robbing a credit union in a nearby town on Wednesday. I went to the scene and covered it for my paper.

It’s been since summer that I ran out to cover breaking news like this and it was a blast. There’s nothing like working a crime story as it unfolds. The robber called in a bomb threat at a middle school as a decoy before robbing the credit union, which is oddly placed. It sits in the back of a grocery store. Once the cops broke up their blockade of the mall, it took me probably a half an hour to find the place.

At the middle school, where the pupils were on lockdown, parents standing outside school grounds were getting unruly and the fire chief threatened the start arresting people. My new boots, rated to keep my toes warm up to 20 below zero, performed well.

I’m truly sorry for the bank teller who evidently had a gun in her face, but stories like this renew my enthusiasm for my work, and I’m excited to be going to the office today.


One comment on “Full moon antics

  1. Bottle Washing Fairy
    November 15, 2008

    Oh, my dear, you are SUCH a reporter!

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