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The big pink fluff

A wonderful neighbor bought this pink polyester fake fur fluff suit for Lucky, thinking that it looked warm. I hate it. If someone put a gun to my head, I still would not dress my kid in it. First of all, polyester is not that warm. Second of all, Lucky would get it dirty almost immediately and she would be stuck wearing a dirty pink fake fur fluff suit. Thirdly, it does not suit Lucky’s personality. My daughter is not a fake fur fluff suit type of person. She’s more of a get-down-in-the-dirt Carhartt kid.

I am debating whether to dress her in it just once, for a visit with the generous neighbor, an artist who I like very much. Or do I exchange it for something that I would actually use?


5 comments on “The big pink fluff

  1. Midge
    November 14, 2008

    That thing is AWESOME! Although pink fake fur polyester sounds really scratchy against the skin. Don’t you know some Lower 48 baby that would appreciate it? It seems very un-Alaskan, despite it’s gawdy appeal.

  2. Lady Friend from the Outside
    November 14, 2008

    Oh, it reminds me of the pink bunny outfit Ralphie had to try on in the movie A Christmas Story!

  3. Kitrina
    November 15, 2008

    OOOHH I’m totally laughing out loud here!!
    As for the pink suit I would say exchange it for something she will use, i’m a beleiver even as a gift, I’d rather get something my kids will use rather than waist the outfit for one use for apperances, your friend should understand with an explanation of durability, that something better would be suited for Lucky’s hikes and rough play.
    and I totally thought of the pink bunny suit from the christmas story, lol!!
    It reminds me of a quick story about my Grandma, she was in the nursing home her last winter with us, I brought Lucile to see her (her namesake) as I did several times a week, I had put her in a lepard print snow suite simalar to your pink one, and Grandma took one look at her and started yelling, get that off of her, get that dredful lepard print thing off of my namesake, I quickly removed the snowsuite from Lucy and then handed the baby to my Grandma where she hugged her as if to coddle her after a terrible experiance, lol. Then she proceeded to scold me asking why in the name of God would I ever put lepard print on Lucile. I just said it was a gift and we moved the conversation on. Then I went home and sorted thru Lucile’s clothes and put all of her lepard pring outfits to the side and made sure I didn’t dress her in any of them when we went to see Grandma ; )

  4. Bottle Washing Fairy
    November 15, 2008

    Reminds me a whole lot of not being recognized by one I hold dear when I arrived at the airport dressed in a pink velour suit which I promptly got rid of right there at the Value Village in Fairbanks.

  5. Paige Jennifer
    November 16, 2008

    I thought the entire point of having kids was to humiliate them in hideous clothing?!?!?

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