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Has anyone seen my ambition?

Cooking breakfast is about the only productive thing I’ve done today. I am whiling away my time surfing the Internet, itching my rash and trying to make Alec, who is grumpy and hung over, laugh.

I am glad he rarely drinks to excess because he was a fruitcake last night, especially after his 44th birthday party wound down and everyone left. He got me out of bed and shined a flashlight on Jade, who was sleeping, because he was concerned that she had caught my rash. While on the phone with a friend, he said “I love you” about 20 times.

I loved the crazy energy of having a houseful of people. I can still feel the energy a little bit today as I munch on leftover chips and salsa.

Alec opening presents.

Me and the b-day boy, who killed a half bottle of tequila. He says it’s his “magnum” birthday because he’s 44.

Jade hanging with the boys.

Jade got a bag of hand-me-down snowsuits from a party-goer.

The party ended when a reveler grabbed Al’s new chainsaw and began cutting off people’s limbs …… Just kidding. This is just Harry clowning around.


2 comments on “Has anyone seen my ambition?

  1. g
    November 24, 2008

    HAPPY B-DAY ALEC!!! looks like it was a fun bash =)

  2. Bottle Washing Fairy
    November 27, 2008

    Alec and Amanda, Alec was born in 1965, which makes this event the celebration of his 43rd birthday, not 44th. I didn’t notice, but his sister did. She is the one who is 44, and will turn 45 in March. SO, you have a chance for a second celebration of his 44th.

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