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Baby party

We took Lucky to a birthday party yesterday. It was torture for her dad. Too much oohing and cooing for his liking. Plus we had an argument before the party. It was one of those occasions where you tell the love of your life to f— off moments before walking into someone’s house. Unfortunately, there wasn’t liquor at this party so the tension between us continued. The day went downhill from there. We had rented a cabin from the state park service but we couldn’t get in because I hadn’t brought the correct lock combo. We wound up going home.

Lucky spent most of her time at the party making other kids cry or begging for food. She even honed in on a stash of Girl Scout cookies kept in a dining room corner.

From left to right, this picture features Alek, Molly, Arthur, Chloe and of course Jade.


2 comments on “Baby party

  1. MG
    December 10, 2008

    Ahhhh, the joys of a blissfully committed relationship.

    Man: “F— off!”
    Woman: “No, you F— off!”
    Knock knock
    Friend opens door
    Friend: Hi you guys! It’s great to see you! How are you?
    Woman: I could tell you ‘fine,” but in reality, I’m pretty much wanting to disable the manhood of my significant other because he’s being the biggest jerk known to man. Likewise, I’m in a grouchy mood and have been a beeyatch on crack for at least the last hour, si I suspect that he would sooner eat broken glass than have a kind word about me. How about you?

    • aknewsgirl
      December 10, 2008

      OMG. It’s like you were there.

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