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Family photo

I love this picture, partly because it shows real emotion instead of just a bunch of mannequin-like smiles and partly because it’s just plain funny. This was the last of a series of pictures taken last night at Alec’s shop. We took some family photos for the annual holiday card. It turned into a disaster with Alec getting frustrated with my camera and Jade getting angry because she no longer wanted to be held. I think we got one usable shot in the bunch before Alec abruptly walked away saying he hates Christmas. Jade was pretty relieved when it was all over.

I am half tempted to make this one black and white and use it for the holiday card but I worry that people would find it more sad than funny. Another reason I like the picture is because I cropped out part of my butt.


4 comments on “Family photo

  1. Madge
    December 10, 2008

    oh my. It really is funny. It gave me the best laugh of the day. I feel bad at laughing at Alec’s and Jade’s obvious discomfort. But it is hilarious.

  2. Aunt Lia
    December 11, 2008

    Too cute!
    Reminds me of taking Ethan to the mall to take a Santa picture when he was Jade’s age. Edith insisted and he refused. I asked ~ her how can we insist he sit on a big fat strange man’s lap and teach him about good and bad touch, and making safe choices? Needless to say there was no Santa picture that year. I insisted on a family picture every year for years and this year was the first in 20 years that every one was smiling… Happy Christmas to you all!

  3. Kitrina
    December 11, 2008

    if it were Mike, he would totally say use this one! he thinks the mannequin pictures are fake and rarely takes them! it’s nice to see the reality of your photo is priceless! and your butt looks amazing! ;o)

  4. Great Aunt Jan
    December 19, 2008

    Love your picture and story. Ours was getting the lights on the tree. I “made” dalton do that and we were always all angry by the time it was finished. Oh the joys of the season. There is a picture of Lindsay, my 18 mo old grandaughter on facebook crying on Santa’s lap. Love, jan

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