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If Jade were any cuter, she’d self-destruct into a box of kittens





I though the concept of growth spurts was a myth until I became a mom and saw how Jade would eat like a pig for a few days and then suddenly her clothes don’t fit like they used to. The same can be said for her mind. About two weeks ago, my kid had a cognitive growth spurt and entered the stage commonly referred to as the terrible twos. She is endlessly curious. She is sneaky. She is stubborn. One new thing that she has learned is that you can reach high places if you have something to stand on.

Alec has been complaining lately that all she does is cry when he is watching her and I blew him off, telling him to suck it up. But then one morning I heard it. I was in bed with the flu and Al had to get Jade ready for daycare. She cried for two hours. I was too sick to come out of the bedroom and put an end to it. Poor Alec. She really does give her dad a hard time.

Jade has also been getting into trouble at daycare. She has bitten her daycare provider and one of the other kids. If it gets worse, she could get kicked out, which would mean that I would have to quit my job because I am not going to put her into yet another day care. She has had four child care providers since she was born. I don’t think it’s healthy to keep moving her around. To mitigate the situation, I plan to give the day care lady a nice Christmas bonus. I hope it helps. Money can be such a good motivator.

I love these pictures of Lucky helping wrap presents. Too bad I already had the family holiday cards made up because these are the best shots of the season.


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