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Simply Christmas

I was going for simple and understated for the holiday decorations this year. We purchased this tree at Lowe’s for $12. We can plant it in the yard in the spring in a meager offering of thanks to Mother Nature for the dozens of trees sacrificing their lives to heat our home this winter.

I decided not to kill myself trying to make everything perfect for the holidays and aside from a slight case of holiday party fatigue, I am enjoying the season. For one, I am working on a story about an unsolved murder. I have some great material and a few days at the cabin at the end of the week to weave it all together in peace. Secondly, I lost a few pounds throwing up from the flu so I won’t look bloated in the Christmas morning pictures. And finally, I don’t have to go to the office until next week.

I meant to make a pumpkin cheese cake for my co-workers, but that was the day I was throwing up. I did manage to bake cookies, and I tried a new recipe called “chocolate hell bars.” I forgot the final two teaspoons of vanilla, so they are more like chocolate purgatory bars.

Alec keeps hinting at a gift he is making me. All I know is that it’s made of Jade. Lucky is getting one too. And he’s having a heckuva time getting the thing made. What I bought for Alec is boring but it’s something he asked for. Jade is getting beeswax crayons, a moose marionette, a plastic toy chain saw, a tiny plastic laptop, a wooden whistle, a top and a little wooden robot with double-jointed arms and legs. I don’t know if this is too much stuff or not enough but it feels just right. We also got her a remote control helicopter, but I think we broke it during a test drive.

Jade was the most fun to shop for by far.

Jade helping her grandpa open his birthday gifts over the weekend. Don turned 71 on Sunday, and we took him to dinner the previous night at Silver Gulch brewery. Don’s date is Colleen, the women who he has been spending time with recently. She is very sweet and brought me a Christmas gift of earrings.


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